You can't miss

Sound data and trusting yourself
Just yesterday I wrote a post called Don't Panic which talks about the need to prepare with an exit strategy to avoid the pitfalls of making panic decisions.

Today, I ran across on article: Warren Buffett: If you invest this way, 'you can't miss'Like a lot of finance articles, there are a lot of words but not a lot of concrete advice.  To summarize the things that stood out to me:

  • you've got the right facts, and you reason by yourself
  • opinions and emotions aren't likely to help you
  • be able to play out your hand under all circumstances
  • giving in to your fear is not a sound strategy
These bullet points are some good advice to follow.  Plan before investing and know before hand when you want to get out, regardless of what the market does.  The more you understand about the investment, the better decisions you are going to make.


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