Giving Facebook Page Boosting a try

Taking off with page boosting
The other day Facebook made me an offer I couldn't refuse:  $30.00 to spend on boosting a page.  Never having done it before I decided to give it a try.

First a picked a page at random, mostly because I like the picture.  This page:
Next, they have you choose an audience.  I picked people interested in various investing terms. 
Then, go.

The result were impressive.  A blog that has very few followers ( < 10 ) got over 500 views in a week.  The page and the post both got a couple of likes -- thanks to those who did.

Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared only made $.38, yup 38 cents from Google AdSense. 

It was a good experiment, didn't cost me anything and shows that a small investment can reach people.

I will be doing it again, but first Google sent me a similar coupon which I will try on my book, Ferocious Flirting.


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