Make your first investment a boring one

Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.
The investing world is a new and exciting place.  Investments once only available to the rich are now accessible to the $25.00 investor.  There are commission free stock brokerages, peer-to-peer lending, and even precious metals just to name a few of the growing list of opportunities.

With such a buffet of exciting choices, where to start?  Start boring.

The best, safest, highest yield investment you can make is also the one that has been there all along.  If someone came to you and said they would guarantee 50% return on your investment, your would think there must be some catch or it would be very risky, or you would have to break some one's legs.  Such high returns are rare indeed.

How can you experience such returns safely?  401(k)

A lot of companies do a match  of contributions, often 50%.  For every dollar you contribute, they will put in 50 cents.  This is a very simple and safe 50% return.

How much should you put into the 401(k)?  You should be saving 10% of your salary between whet you put in and your employers contributions.  If you are not there, begin a plan to increase 1% with each pay raise you receive.

Once you have that plan in place, come back and we will talk about most exciting if lower yield investments.

It is important to start - start with the most boring investment with the highest yield.  Start with your 401(k).


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